VMware Workstation Training

VMware Workstation Training

About VMware Workstation Training

About Training

VMware is a very popular brand in virtualization world. VMware Workstation is the entry level product of the VMware. With this training you will learn VMware workstation from beginner to advanced level.

Why This Training

This training provides all aspects of the VMware daily usage with detailed and hands-on exercises.


Training duration is 8 hours.

Virtual Training

Training duration is 8 hours.


The attendees should have basic computer experience.


  1. Introduction to VMware Workstation
  2. Installation and Basics
  3. Creating Virtual Machine (VM)
  4. Using VM
  5. Configuring and Managing VM
  6. Configuring and Managing Devices
  7. Configuring Network Connections
  8. Using Remote Connections and Sharing VM
  9. Workstation Preference Settings
  10. Configuring VM Options
  11. Configuring VM Hardware Settings
  12. Virtual Network Editor
  13. vmrun Command and Command Line Interface

Example Training Video